Oskar Lindwall


The swedish singer and songwriter Oskar Lindwall is mixing his past in rockbands with his love for experimental and delivers a refreshing pop. Viewing music only as a tool for something greater he wishes to be a change: "I want to illustrate the tension between our needs and actions and lift up the listener's head to look beyond shortcomings and vanity. There's room for so much more hope, acceptance and love in this world!"

January 2013 - The ballad Winter Song hit the national radio show P3 Stars top charts for unsigned acts for the maximum allowed 5 weeks.

April 2013 - Oskar was awarded Ruby & Lars Ullmans scolarship by Bifrostordern at 25 000 SEK for his musical talent and development.

July 2013 - Oskar performed on national television singing an own arrangement of the swedish hymn Du omsluter mig.

February 2014 - A cooperation with the producer Johan Glössner started and together they recorded the songs Vocie within and I don't seem to learn.

August 2015 - The musicvideo for Vocie within, produced by Hanna Nyström, premiered and the song I don't seem to learn was released.




Booking: Anchor Music Group, booking@anchormusicgroup.com

Info: contact@oskarlindwall.com